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America's Desert Delight
by Shakuntala Sinha

                    Article - America's  Desert Delight  I had an opportunity to visit  southwest of the USA . I had heard a lot about Las Vegas of Nevada state  and it ...

A Tour of Los Angeles and Hollywood
by Shakuntala Sinha

                          Article - A Tour of Los Angeles and Hollywood    I had come to the USA a few months back . I am stranded here as ...

Manali Adventure Trekking Camp - 3
by Yash Patel

Overly excited Karan started walking with a pace and he stepped on a melting ice sheet and slipped. He managed to maintain the balance but as we were going ...

Manali Adventure Trekking Camp - 1
by Yash Patel

This book is about Trekking Camp in Manali, Himachal Pradesh a beautiful city in the northern region of India. It contains all the good and bad experiences and ups ...

Navratri with Eiffel Tower
by Yash Patel
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  • 5.9k

This story is dedicated to someone special who is very close to my heart since yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. This story is published on her birthday.Chapter 1) UdaipurDay ...

Jaisalmer- Golden city golden memory
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Jaisalmer visit..  a memorable experience**********All of a sudden  we decided to use fruitfully my remaining leave   so planned  this visit. By bus yogi travels departs 10 pm reached jaisalmer ...

Lviv - One of the best place in Ukraine
by Yash Patel
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INSTAGRAM ID :- khushnuma_parindaWEBSITE :- www.traveltrekblog.weebly.comEMAIL ID :-*This trip was done by my friend but written by me. It's not my personal experience. I am just sharing her experience. ...

The Square World – IV (Final) (Zindan-e-Shaam–Syria)
by Valibhai Musa
  • 369

In my previous three parts of this cyclic Article (Part- I, II and III), I had presented some characters named as A to E. Their tragic stories are not ...

The Square World – III
by Valibhai Musa
  • 366

Now, my Readers, stop breathing for a while if you can; just to resist yourselves to hear the greatest crime to humanity. Here, you can see ladies seated in ...

The Square World – II
by Valibhai Musa
  • 374

Before I proceed further, I would like to clarify why I have selected the title “The Square World” in these cyclic Articles. When I was a college student in ...

The Square World – I
by Valibhai Musa
  • 384

The title of my post, today, may seem to be surprising and perhaps misleading to my Readers. It has been proved and established, geographically and astronomically, that the earth ...

The travels in the uncharted Land - The Summer of the Sahara ( Part 1)
by Rajesh Sheth
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Dear curious readers, I being a lover of creative English have always been inspired by the writing styles of Arthur Conan Doyle, Harold Robbins, Thomas Hardy, and Ruskin Bond. ...

Dholavira ...of Kutchh World heritage site... - Dholavira.....World heritage site......In Kutchh...
by Chaula Kuruwa
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Dholavira of Kutch which is 250 Km far from Bhuj is famous as 5000 year old  civilization and city, having the civilization of Mohenjo Daro and Harappa. This can ...

Nishkalank Mahadev And Palitana Temple
by Shashikant Oak
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My trip to Bhavnagar and Palitana Temples as directed in Naad Predictions By Mahashiv Maharishi. I had very unique experiences with predictions made in Naadi Palm leaf records.

Man Eaters of Kumaon
by Jim Corbett
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Man-Eaters of Kumaon is a 1944 book written by hunter-naturalist Jim Corbett. It details the experiences that Corbett had in the Kumaonregion of India from the 1900s to the ...

The Devastated Chinar
by Neetu Singh Renuka
  • 1.8k

Kashmir today denotes either for tourism or for terrorism. But this old travelogue covers a Kashmir which was hit by Sailab during September 2014. Its an account of travel ...

A Trip to Himachal
by Abhi
  • 1.2k

This is an article about my travel to Himachal Pradesh for a duration of 5 days. I have tried to capture and describe the moments I enjoyed there and ...

My Travel Diaries - Srinagar
by Aakanksha Thakore
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With my travel diaries, I will take you to India s most beautiful destination, the Heaven on the Earth - Srinagar