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by Deepti Khanna
  • 45

What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but sweet smiles to be sure; but scattered along life's pathway, the good they do is inconceivable.    Shubha ...

Soul sisters
by Elizabeth
  • 14

                       I was waiting here for the past twenty five minutes at the same Cafe Coffee Day.It was raining ...

Never Alone!
by Swati Joshi
  • 37

“Auto…….!” A young woman perhaps in her late 20s is trying to stop an auto rickshaw on the road. The watch on her hand is showing 8:25 p.m.. She ...

by Rupal Divyang Chhaya
  • 24

                                  Sameera nodded her head in agreement. “Ok ma, I will do as you say” she ...

IPC 375
by Abhijit Chakraborty
  • 21

Like every day, Manav was jogging on an almost vacant road. It was his daily habit. Very few people were jogging too. Manav was very happy these days because ...

Memory lane
by Elizabeth
  • 21

                  Do you miss him Nidhi?? Her friend nudged her on the shoulder again. Nidhi stood there, glued her eyes on ...

Love from the hell
by Ami
  • 11

Depression and loneliness. These are two major cause that change a person"s behavior. Vidhya is a young lady. Living alone and have no friends. Kafir (name selected bcz of ...

by Rohitashwa Sharma
  • 26

  Annamma Today was the last day of the year, and there were some leaves left over. Workaholic Manoj took a day off from work upon his wife’s insistence. ...

Soul Mate
by Hitakshi Buch
  • 2

When nature decides to act upon, one can change his mind. As a human being we need to accept it. Right shimohi ? What's say... Ajit was in mood ...

Three Laghukathas
by Chandresh Kumar Chhatlani
  • 2

1) Treasure In the evening after the father's funeral, the two sons were sitting in the courtyard outside the house with their relatives and neighbors. At this point, the ...

by Swati Joshi
  • 37

Aadit, I want to talk to you about uncle’s condition here.” says Dr. Parag. “What? Is it serious or something?” “See, we think that he is having psychogenic amnesia, ...

by Nandini
  • 25

A GIRL with 0.01% percent faith, is a story about a  girl who had a faith but due to circumstances and problems in the life she become a coward ...

Rising Star - Story of a City Girl
by Prashant Vyawhare
  • 16

This story is of a couple living in city of dreams "Mumbai”, a City Girl Mohini who was searching her place in the stardust of bollywood and a boy ...

My tiny tales of life
by Dr Gayathri Rao
  • 7

About the book “If pen is the jewel , words are its pearls “ It’s been years down the lane when I started writing on my random thoughts and tinytales ...

The Pension
by Parag Baxi
  • 39

       The Pension The traffic was at its worst and Taksh made his way through the traffic to the Zill Sainik Gujarat Office for an another ordeal., His mother ...

Intension Stuff - The most precious thing part 2
by Smit Makvana
  • 6

So the next morning I woke up at nine o'clock. When I wake up every morning, I should brush and bath first.  And then I'm taking a snack after ...

Small changes, here and there
by Rupal Divyang Chhaya
  • 18

The dates coincided perfectly. Dheeraj's deputation to Dubai came exactly when Akshika and Sudeep had to leave for Oman on a joint assignment, which meant Shweta would be available ...

Those Chapters of Life yet untouched....
by Snehal More
  • 8

I discovered Love I'm feeling so complete to even write this...long back I use to wonder what is love..Is it attraction? Is it a connection?I don't know if I'm ...

by Valibhai Musa
  • 11

Preface : (On experimental grounds, some my literary works were published un-titled previously. I had asked my Readers to suggest the title though it was my work to do ...

Intension Stuff - The Most Precious Thing
by Smit Makvana
  • 8

THE MOST PRECIOUS THINGThere is a winter, January, my birthday month. I do not really know that January gave me something more that I could not even imagine.In December ...

Drawing a Line, Somewhere
by Rupal Divyang Chhaya
  • 5

It was THAT moment; a moment that changes lives, a moment that creates magic....and that moment had finally arrived. It was going to transform so many lives. Kathan had ...

Home is where the hearth is
by Rupal Divyang Chhaya
  • 22

 The WhatsApp message from her brother was long, but she did not have the time to reply, "ttyl" was her cryptic response before she rushed out to work. It ...

જાપાન - એક શિષ્ટતાનો દેશ 
by Yash
  • (22)
  • 15

                                        જાપાન એક પાવરફૂલ દેશ છે જેનું સ્થાન વિશ્વમાં હાલ ...

by Bhargav Patel
  • 23

The evening gleamed bright amidst the hazy view of the Himalayas when Parvati was wandering around her abode. The sun had come down nigh the horizon while the western ...

Intension Stuff - On Marriage Proposal
by Smit Makvana
  • 4

It was an amazing moments for all of us school friends. can you imagine what is much more happier than best friends marriage. All school friends gathered today, and ...

My (daughter's) Home
by Rupal Divyang Chhaya
  • 14

 It was definitely not an easy decision to make. Things could have been a little different if she were in a nuclear family but she lived in a big ...

Living is believing!
by Swati Joshi
  • 54

“The world hasn’t been as it used to be previously.” said Devi(The goddess) “What do you mean?” inquired Prabhu(The God)curiously. “When I look at human, one of the most ...

Indian education system
by Jay
  • 24

In our india no one tought us about real life world that how to deal with people, knowledge about money etc.They all do is to teach us to mug ...

by Nandini
  • 27

There is the shadow near the place of tree and mother .... we have to protect them.!!ONE day I was walking with my mother in my near surrounding area, ...

The Inspirational Story
by Smit Makvana
  • 29

Inspirational Story  It was 25th December 2016, I talked about a boy who made a victory. His name is karan. karan studied in 10th Standard. After 3 months his ...